About the Film

The idea behind this short film originated from a situation that I had with my son when he asked me what happened to a little boy who went missing from town on the east coast of Australia.

I could tell he knew something wasn’t right as we'd kept seeing the story of the missing boy on billboards and all over the news again and again. I was faced with the issue to either tell him the truth or make up a story to help preserve his innocence.

I’d never been in this predicament before and I knew I didn’t have the right tools to handle this situation correctly. I also didn’t know what was the right age to tell my child about this sort of thing so I chose to tell him a fictional tale about what might of happened.

As soon as we finished the story and my son feel asleep, I couldn’t help but think about how horrible that situation must be for the little boy and his family. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how I’d feel if it was my own child that went missing and I felt obligated to find out more about how I could help prevent this from ever happening again.

Upon further research I discovered the password system and I knew I wasn’t the only parent who had never heard of this or any of the other tools we can implement with to help protect our children. So after speaking with some like minded producers at Goodoil Films and Byron Studios we thought the best way to help spread this message and empower parents with the knowledge to help protect their kids was to turn this story into a short film - build a website and circulate it on the internet.

Please pass this site on to anyone you know with young children.

Warm regards,
Justin McMillan